Price Range
$750,000 to $890,000


Leyte Parade is a 200 metre long street running northwards from Outhwaite Road to Setani Crescent. Leyte Parade and the connecting streets are overwhelmingly residential and within an established urban area where new development that proposes an incremental increase in housing density and well-designed contemporary dwellings is to be encouraged.

Architectural style is predominantly from the post-war period and in the public housing style, with an increasing number of more recent multi-dwelling infill developments within the immediate vicinity, such as at those on either corner of Setani Crescent and Leyte Parade. The greater area also exhibits an increasing number is multi-unit development replacing older public housing dwellings, particularly along Oriel Road. Scale of development in the greater area is a mix of single and two storey, with most multi-unit developments comprising two storey dwellings.

Builts form of dwellings within Leyte Parade and connecting streets is predominantly single storey brick with tiled roofs which are generally hipped. Newer development has introduced a variety of diverse materials to the streetscape, including cladding and rendered finishes, and is often two storey in scale. Front setbacks along Leyte Parade range are generally in excess of 8 metres and side setbacks are typicals, with one sude wider than the other enabling vehicle access to a side driveway. All dwellings have on-site vehicle accommodation in the form of side garages or carports, while new development provides intergrated garages, and each property has a crossover. The Leyte Parade streetscape is characterised by a number of open front boundaries and low timber or metal fencing. Front gardens are generally low level with moderate, generally exotic, vegetation cover.

Leyte Parade and connecting streets are characterised by wide grassed naturestrips and fairly consistently planted, often mature, native street trees.


The subject site is located on the west side of Leyte Parade facing east. It is rectangular in shape with a frontage width of 15.85 metres and a depth of 40.84 metres, equating to a site area of approximately 647.3m2. The topography of the area is relatively flat and even and the site has minimal fall.

The site present supports a single storey brick dwelling with the tiled roof, side garage and shed within the rear open space. There is minimal landscaping within both the front and rear open spaces and the frontage is unfenced. Vehicle access onto the site is currently via a crossover located in the northern corner of the frontage. Adjoining to the north at 9 single storey brick dwelling with metal roof. Abutting to the west is a single storey dwelling fronting Oriel Road within the Residential Growth Zone.


The site is located on a fairly typical residential street with experiences traffic characteristic of a purely residential area. There are no parking restrictions along Leyte Parade. The site has convenient access to Oriel Road and consequently other major arterials such as Southern and Waterdale Roads, Outhwaite and Waiora Roads and Bell Street.

Public Transport 

The site and surrounding area have immediate access to public transport, with a stop for Buses 250 and 350 located within 250 metres on Oriel Road, Bus 550 within 300 metres on Ramu Parade and Bus 551 within 500 metres on Waterdale Road.

Community Facilities

Shopping Centres in proximity of the site:

  • Olympic Village local shops (pharmacy, newsagency) – 750m
  • The Bell Street Mall Neighbourhood Centre (Aldi, IGA, Australia Post) – 1km
  • Northland Shopping Centre – 1,8km

Schools in proximity:

  • Olympic Village Pre-school – 450m
  • Morobe Street Child Centre – 450m
  • Watch Me Grow ELC – 550m
  • Charles Latrobe-Olympic Village Primary School – 700m
  • Melbourne Polytechnic (Heidelberg Campus) – 1,4km

Public Open Space and Major Recreational Facilities on proximity:

  • Ramu Parade Park – 350m
  • Malahang Reserve – 650m
  • Shelley Park – 750m
  • Olympic Village Green – 750m
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