The $25,000 grants will be means-tested and will be restricted to larger renovations and the construction of new homes at a project cost of at least $150,000.

Director at Builder Finders (builders broker in NSW), Lynette Manciameli, is concerned that the scheme is vulnerable to exploitation.

“As we saw with the pink batts disaster following the GFC, even the best laid plans can have unintended consequences. Incentivised by the opportunity to make quick cash, several irresponsible operators delivered substandard work, scammed unwitting customers or placed untrained young workers at risk.

“What we are likely to see off the back of the HomeBuilder scheme is dodgy builders coming out of the woodwork. This is bad news for the consumer and bad news for the many reputable builders who are doing the right thing.”

Mrs Manciameli acknowledges that poor construction standards in the past have meant that building issues are extremely common in Australia.

“Over the past decade, new homeowners in Australia have faced a $10.5 billion bill to repair defects such as leaks, cracks, problems with plumbing, guttering issues and more. A lack of regulation and the opportunity for shoddy builders to make quick cash will further exacerbate the problem.”

Mrs Manciameli argues that it is more important than ever for consumers to do their due diligence when selecting a builder for their project.

“There are several builders out there who are doing the right thing and have a sterling reputation for quality. Consumers should do everything in their power to vet builders including seeking out testimonials and checking credit scores. This will help them avoid being saddled with a dodgy builder before it’s too late.”

(Source: Property Observer)

Yarraland only works with reputable builders, including big names such as Metricon, Simond, Burbank, and says NO to dodgy builders!
We always accompany our clients throughout the process to make sure no hiccup happens, no client abandoned on our watch!!

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